The Norman Invasion of Ireland

It began with a small Expedition – which resulted in a partnership. The exile was Dermot MacMurrough. Some time Tyrant of Leinster; and Baron Richard FitzGilbert de Clare.

MacMurrough had sought out Henry Plantagenet in Aquitaine – France, asking him to restore Murrough’s Kingdom; but all MacMurrough got was a Sheaf of letters – a Patent calling on all Henry’s Liegemen;’ to note that ‘Dermot’ has been received into the bosom of our grace and benevolence’.

MacMurrough met the ‘Pembroke Circle’ – the names of people descended fron Nest Rhys of Dehuebarth  and Gerald FitzGerald of Pembroke = Maurice Fitzgerald and half brother Robert FitzStephen, sons of Nest Rhys, Raymond Fitzgerald le Gros, Maurice  FitzGerald’s second son; Thomas FitzMaurice – Nest’s grandson.

Robert de Barry, also Nest’s grandson and Robert’s brother; Gerald Cambrensis – the Chronicler; and Meiler FitzHenry – Nest’s grandson of her relationship with King Henry 1st.

The invasion took part in several stages.

In 1171AD Dermot died. ‘Strongbow’ was proclaimed King of Leinster.

Henry Plantagenet tried to stop ‘Strongbow’ in October 1170AD. ‘Strongbow and Henry met amicably. ‘Strongbow’ was finally granted Leinster in fief.

Miles de Cogan also took part in 1169AD, 1177AD and 1182AD. He died in 1182AD.

Miles was the Grandson of Nest Rhys and Gerald FitzWalter – through their daughter, Gwladys FitzWalter

Gwladys FitzWalter was the wife of the Norman Lord, Anon de Cogan, who ‘ founded ‘ the Welsh village Cogan in 1139 AD – which still exits today – part of Penarth, South Glamorgan; in South Wales.








2 thoughts on “The Norman Invasion of Ireland

  1. This is a brief history of the Normans invading Ireland 1169AD onwards .Part of the invasion group was my distant relative Miles de Cogan, his cousin; Robert FitzStephen, FitzMaurice,: descendants of Nest Rhys, Princess of Dehuebarth, + Gerald FitzWalter, of Pembrokeshire. The FitzHenry is Henry, son of Nest Rhys + King Henry 1st of England. Gerald de Barry, another descendant of Nest through daughter Angharad. Robert FitzStephen, son of Nest Rhys + Etienne, Constable of Cardigan – Wales. Dehuebarth is modern day Carmarthenshire- Wales


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