Family Tree of The Tudors – Chart 1A1

King Henry 7th =   Elizabeth of York                                  Philobert Cogan

King Henry 8th          Margaret Tudor     Mary                   B1563 Chard – Somerset

= King James 6th         Duchess               Descendant of


Scotland                    of Suffolk              Anon de  Cogan

                                                                  = Charles Brandon

Present British Royal Family                 Duke of Suffolk

                 Eleanor Brandon =

                                    Henry Clifford 12th Lord 2nd Earl of

                                           Cumberland – see chart ‘Conqueror 156 –

                                          Descendants of William the Conqueror’

Philobert Cogan – search ‘ the descendants of Philobert Cogan’ – Bingham, Hatch, Burroughs; in the United States of America

19 variations of the surname Cogan – Cogan/en/in/ing/ings

Coggan/en/in/ing/ings,  Coogan/en/in/ing/ings,  Gogan/en/in/ing/ings

Goggan/en/in/ing/ings, Googan/en/in/ing/ings


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