Chart Of Tom Hiddlestons Grd Uncle Ralph Bruce Verney

William the Conqueror ( King of England Year 1066AD / Tudor Dynasty to Bruce – Verney = Vestey of Yorkshire  – Conqueror 156- Descendants of William the Conqueror

William the Conqeror to King John to Joan Plantagenet = Llewellyn ap Iorweth to (A2) Gwladus the Dark of Gwynedd D1251 = Ralph Mortimer of Wigmore 1190-1246 to  (B3)Hugh de Mortimer 1240-1273 = Agatha de Ferrers 1237-1306 to Isolde de Mortimer 1269-1336 = Hugh de Audley Baron Audley to (D1) Hugh  Audley Earl of Gloucester = Margaret de Clare 1294-1346 of the De Clare dynasty to (G3) Margaret Audley = Ralph de Stafford to Beatrice Stafford 1343-1415 = Maurice FitzMaurice Earl of Desmond  1336-1358 of the FitzGerald and Tudor dynasty to (I4) Margaret de Ros 1361-1414 = Reginald Grey 3rd Baron de Ruthyn 1362-1440 to (J3) Elizabeth Grey = Robert Poynings 1382-1446 to  (K1)Richard Poynings D1429 = Joan Seamer to  (L1) Eleanor Poynings = Henry Percy 2nd Earl of Northumberland to (F1) Henry Percy 3rd Earl of Northumberland = Lady Maud Herbert of William Herbert of Pembroke to (B4) Margaret Percy D1540 = Henry Clifford 11th Lord Earl of Cumberland  to   Henry Clifford  12th Lord of Cumberland = Lady Eleanor Brandon,( a desdendant of PRINCESS MARY TUDOR, ( 1 ) * – Mary is the daughter of King Henry 7th), Eleanor 1519-1547 to (A3) Margaret Clifford D1596  = Henry Stanley 4th Earl of Derby 1509-1572 to (B2) Fernando Stanley 5th Earl of Derby = Alice Spencer D1637 of Sir John Spencer, Althorp – Northampton to (C2) Frances Stanley 1583-1635 = John Edgerton 1st Earl of Bridgwater to  (D2) John Edgerton 2nd Earl of Bridgewater = Lady Elizabeth Cavendish to (E1) John Edgerton 1648- 1701 = Lady Jane Powlett to (F5)Bridge Scrope Edgerton 4th Earl of Bridgewater = Lady Elizabeth Churchill of John Churchill Duke of Marlborough to (G2) Ann Edgerton D1762 = William Villiers 3rd Earl of the Island of Jersey D1769 to (B4) Anne  Barbara Frances Villiers D1832 = (F1) William Lambton 1764-1797 to (B6) Mary Louise Lambton = James Bruce 8th Earl of Elgin 1811-1863 to (B8) Christian Augusta Bruce = Sir Herbert Kinnaird W Verney to Ralph Bruce Verney = Mary Vestey daughter of Percy Vestey.

*( 1) PRINCESS MARY TUDOR )  – See Chart 1a1 The Tudors

William the Conqueror   – Page 3 ‘Conqueror’

William the Conqeror to   King Edward 3rd  to (A5) Edward Plantagenet 1341-1402 = Isabella of Castile, France to  (B2) Richard Plantagenet 1375-1415 = Anne Mortimer 1390-1411 to (D4) George Plantagenet Duke of Clarence 1449-1477, (brother of King Richard 3rd and King Edward 4th) = Isabel Neville of Richard Neville Earl of Warwick/Salisbury, to Janet Nevill D1529 = Henry Pole Baron Montagu to Katherine Pole D1576 = Francis Hastings 2nd Earl of Huntingdon, Cambs to George Hastings 4th Earl of Huntingdon D1604 = Dorothy Port to (E1) Francis Hastings D 1595 Baron of Hastings = Sarah Harington (wife 2) to (F3) Katherine Hastings D1636 (from page 2 ‘Clarence’)  = Philip Stanhope 1st Earl of Chesterfield, Derbyshire to (A2) Henry Stanhope D1634 = Hon Katherine Wootton D1667 countess of Chesterfield of Thomas Wootton 2nd Lord of Marley to (B2) Philip Stanhope 2nd Earl of Chesterfield 1634-1714 = Lady Anne Percy D1654 of Algernon Percy 4th Earl of Northumberland, to (C1) Elizabeth Stanhope 1663-1709 = John Lyon 4th Earl of Strathmore1663-1412 to (D7) Thomas Lyon 8th Earl of Strathmore 1704-1753 =  Jean Nicholson 1713-1778 to (E4) Susan Lyon D1769 = John Lambton of Lambton D1794 to (F1) William Lambton 1764-97 of Durham =  (B4) Anne Barbara Frances Villiers D1832 to (B6) Mary Louise Lambton = James Bruce 8th Earl of Egin 1811-1863 to (B8) Christian Augusta Bruce = Sir Herbert Kinnaird W Verney to Ralph Bruce Verney = Mary Vestey

Ralph and  Marys children are Edmund 1950 = Daphne P Fasset Farquar – Andrew 1983 and Ella 1985                                         Sarah     1953 = George Caird – Adam 1977 Oilver 1978 Edmund 1989 Iona 1991                Mary       1957

Francesca 1963 = Peter Kershaw

Mary Vestey wife of Ralph Bruce Verney is the daughter of Percy Charles Vestey

William Vestey of Leeds 1800s                William Uttley 1809

Samuel Vestey Horsforth Leeds 1832 = Hannah Uttley 1835/36

Sir Edmund Hoyle Vestey  1866-1953       Birchcliffe Baptist, Wadsworth

Percy Charles                                          Near Halifax, West Yorkshire

Patricia                                       Mary = Ralph Bruce Verney

= Lieut William Reginald              Edmund R, Andrew W, Mary J,

Servaes                                       Francesca M

Diana Patricia = Dr James Norman Hiddleston

Emma        Sarah         Thomas William –   Feb 1981 British Actor Tom Hiddleston who plays the

character ‘Loki’ in the Thor/ Avenger film franchise.

Uttley – ‘utt’ – personal name  ‘leah’ – clearing = clearing by a man named ‘utt’. Angle – Old  English 449AD. Low Uttley and High Uttley in Keighley, West Yorkshire.


See my other Blog -‘My Scottish Welsh Royal Heritage – the Origin of  surname ‘Coggan’

My 7x grandfather Thomas Coggan born 1715 Epworth Lincolnshire – Thomas Coggan 1752 Catherine Vaux 1756 – Thomas Coggan 1785/86 Ann Oliver 1791 Clayworth Notts – John Coggan 1839 Caroline Benson Ilam ( Elam ) Derbys -Selina Benson 1857  Mary Coggan 1859 Arthur 1861 Elizabeth 1874 Sheffield. Elizabeth = William Henry Chambers –  1863 Richmond Yorks – Mabel Chambers 1901-69 Darnall, Sheffield = Richard Bell 1902-70 -Walter Bell Snr 1925-2010 = Audrey Drinkall 1925 Shipley, Bradford West Yorks –  Walter Bell Jnr 1945 Terence Bell 1947.

Diana P Servaes                                         Walter Bell Jnr = Pauline Drury

= Dr James N Hiddleston

Emma        Sarah            Thomas              Julia 1969   Maria 1971

Daniel 1973

Julia – Sarah 1996

Maria – Kyle 1992

Terence Bell = Marilyn ?

Heather             James

Joshua and Molly


One thought on “Chart Of Tom Hiddlestons Grd Uncle Ralph Bruce Verney

  1. Very existing news – Julie bell a distant cousin of British actor Tom Hiddleston. See this post ‘conqueror 156 – descendants of William the Conqueror’ + Julie’s own family history ‘my Scottish welsh royal heritage’


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