Welsh  village which is part of Penarth, South Glamorgan, Wales. The origin = Danish ‘kog’  English = ‘ditched land’. The village was ‘founded’ by a Norman lord called Anon in 1139AD and then he adopted the Cogan village name. That Lord married into Welsh Royal family –  Gladys FitzWalter who was the daughter of Nest Rhys; Princess of Dehuebarth ( Carmarthenshire – Wales ) + Gerald FitzWalter.

Nest Rhys was the daughter of Ancient King Rhys Tewdwr.

Anon and Gwladys de Cogan had three sons – Miles, Richard and Geoffrey. Miles took part in the Norman Invasion of Ireland between 1169AD and 1182AD.

From Oxford Dictionary of Surnames – Cogan/en/in/ings, Coggan/en/in/ings, Coogan/en/in/ings, Gogan/en/in/ings, Goggan/en/in/ings; Googan/en/in/ings.

i) William de Cogan 1185 Glamorgan. Richard Cogayn 1271 Somerset, Peter Coggane 1642 Devon.

ii) In Ireland for MacCogan Ir MacCogdhan ‘ son of the hound of war’.


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