The information i have sent is about the link between my family and that of british actor Tom Hiddeston.

Tom Hiddleston has been my actor / hero since seeing him in BBC Drama ‘Hollow Crown’ in  2012. And since then i have adored him,  just like millions of other female fans of his.



Since discovering the fact he is a distant cousin of mine, through his great aunt Mary Vestey, his grandmother Patricia Servaes’s sister. Not only do i see Tom as just my actor / hero but as my distant cousin.

Mary Vestey is a relative of the Vestey family of the Vestey ( Food ) Group Ltd who have links with Dewhirsts Meat Grocers Shops, in England

Tom Hiddleston is very well known for play the character ‘ Loki’ in the Thor  1 + 2; and Avengers 1 films

Julie Bell


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