A Story Of The Cogan Dynasty – Synopsis

A story of one king’s imposition of many british tribes, another king’s exile, invasions from over seas, murder of two Roman Emperors, many tribal uprisings, battles, poisoning of one king’s son, drowning of another king, one Welsh Royal family’s inter-breeding, skirmishes, treachery, one Irish king’s banishment, all of this over nearly two thousand years; leading to the birth of the British Royal family.

Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus was born in Spain in 320AD. He reigned over Wales between 383AD and 388AD. Known as welsh legendary ‘Macsen Wledig’.

Nest Rhys was the daughter of King Rhys Tewdwr. Her descendants are the Fitzgeralds, FitzMaurices, FitzStephens, FitzHenrys, and De Montmorencys. FitzHenry because Nest was the mistress of William the Conqueror’s son, King Henry 1st of England. Nest and Henry’s son was Henry FitzHenry and also Nest was mother of Robert FitzStephen by Etienne; Constable of Cardigan – Wales.

Cogan the welsh village which is part of Penarth, South Glamorgan, Wales; south of Cardiff.  The origin of the name – danish ‘kog’   english ‘ditched land’.  ‘Refounded’ by a Norman lord, Anon in 1139AD; and then adopted the village name as his surname. The variations of Cogan – Cogan/en/in/ings, Coggan/en/in/ings, Coogan/en/in/ings, Gogan/en/in/ings, Goggan/en/in/ings; Googan/en/in/ings.

Miles de Cogan took part in the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169AD. Returned there with cousin Robert FitzStephen in 1177AD. They both received a grant of the Kingdom of Cork. Miles was killed in 1182AD.

When King Henry the 5th died (recent incarnation performed by Thor actor Tom Hiddleston in BBC Drama ‘Hollow Crown’ in 2012). Henry’s widow Katherine of Valois met and married Welsh nobleman – Owen Tudor.

Margaret Beaufort, wife of Owen Tudor’s son Edmund and King Henry’s grandson, Edward, Prince of Wales – Margaret and Edward both descended from William The Conqueror. They would have been cousins of William Cogan born 1460AD in Chard; Somerset.


3 thoughts on “A Story Of The Cogan Dynasty – Synopsis

    1. Hi Shane
      The ‘ Connection ‘ between The Cogans + The Tudors – is that they are very very very ‘ Distant Cousins ‘ – English King Henry 8ths sister – Margaret Tudor is Ancestor of the British Royal Family

      .The Tudors are descended from Ancient Welsh King Rhys Tewdwr + Gwladys Rhiwallon – children – Nest Rhys, Hywel + Gryffith – Nest + Gerald FitzWalter had a few children including Gwladys whose husband is a Norman Lord , Anon de Cogan – Ancestor of all Cogan + Coggan families in England, United States Of America.
      Griffith is Ancestor of Edmund Tudor who is Ancestor of English King Henry 8th, Margaret Tudor + Princess Mary Tudor

      My Email Address – paulanoble67@gmail.com


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