I’m in contact with  a Company Venue, to try arrange a THOR/AVENGERS EXHIBITION  + QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION WITH THE MAIN CAST – Tom Hiddleston ‘Loki’, CHRIS Hemsworth ‘Thor’ + Natalie Portman ‘ Jane Foster’. However, there is a deadline, as the Cast will be filming ‘ Thor – Raknorak, sometime in 2016. So the best time to holds the Thor/Avengers Exhibition + Q & A Session; would be during the ‘School Holidays’ February or March round ‘ Easter 2016. Please email me as part of Petition to make the Event happen – Jcbell45@gmail com. Thanks


My Scottish/ Welsh Royal Heritage

The origin  of the Cogan Dynasty begins with the Celtic tribe – the ‘Venetti’ origin

Above is image of my Ancestor, Roman Emperor, Magnus Maximus ( also known by the Welsh – ‘ Macsen Wledig ‘

Ancestor of the Ancient King Rhys Tewdwr’s wife, Gwladys Rhiwallon. Rhys + Gwladys, Ancestors of the Royal Tudor Dynasty – English King Henry 8th, Margaret Tudor + Princess Mary Tudor

See Princess Mary Tudor – ‘ Chart Of Tom Hiddlestons Grd Uncle Ralph Bruce Verney ‘

Dating from Africa 140,000BC to Asia Minor south of the Black Sea 3,000BC to Europe 2,000BC to Brittany northern France 500BC as ‘Votadini’ at the time of the Romans in the area of East Lothian –  Edinburgh, starting with King Beli Mawr the Great 100BC – his descendant King Cunedda 4th century AD and  Cunedda and some of his  sons migrating, south to Wales leaving one son behind in East Lothian, onto King Hywel Dda and then King Rhodri Mawr ; onto King Rhys Tewdwr who died 1093AD . Rhys marries Gladys Rhiwallon . Gladys is a descendant of Flavius Julius Crispus down to Roman Emperor Magnus Maximus 320-388AD also known as welsh legend ‘Macsen Wledig’. Rhys and Gladys  have several children. One of which is Nest Rhys, Princess of Dehuebarth; now present day Carmarthenshire born 1073AD. Nest marries Gerald Fitzwalter of the FitzOtho family originating with Geraldinus of Florence -Italy 970AD with Geraldinus’s son Otho/Otheus Surrey 1006AD, then Walter FitzOtho of Pembroke 1037AD to 1086AD who was Castellan of Windsor Caslte – Berkshire; and then Gerald Fitzwalter born 1070AD. Nest and Gerald have several children – one of which is Gladys Fitzwalter who marries a Norman lord called Anon who ‘founded’ Cogan in Penarth, Glamorgan; Wales in 1139AD. In 1140AD Anon and Gladys have from what i have researched, three children – Miles, Geoffrey and Richard. Miles marries Christiana Paynell and go down fifteen or sixteen generations to Philobert Cogan; whose descendants end up in the United States of America including the present day Binghams. Miles and Richard and their cousins the Fitzgeralds who are also descended from Nest Rhys and Gerald FitzWalter, and Robert FitzStephen and Henry FitzHenry take part of the Norman invasion of Ireland between 1169AD and 1182AD – where Miles is killed. Robert FitzsStephen is son of Nest Rhys and  and  Etienne, Constable of Cardigan and Henry FitzHenry is son of Nest Rhys and King Henry 1st of England –    son of William the Conqueror.  Going  onto Nest’s brother Gruffydd, onto his son Rhys ap Gruffydd then on to Owen Tudor and Owen’s wife Katherine of Valois; widow of King Henry 5th. Owen and Katherine’s son Edmund Tudor and wife Margaret Beaufort, and their son King Henry 7th and wife Elizabeth of York. Margaret Beaufort and Elizabeth of York are descendants of William the Conqueror; who are cousins of ‘Sherlock’, actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Henry and Elizabeth’s children King Henry 8th and Margaret Tudor.  Margaret Tudor and husband King James 4th of Scotland, onto James 5th and 6th 1566AD, through to  King Georges’s; and all way down to present British Royal family. There are at least 19 variations – Cogan/en/in/ings, Coggan/en/in/ings, Coogan/en/in/ings, Gogan/en/in/ings, Goggan/en/in/ings, Googan/en/in/ings.  Anyone with Cogan variation surname are very distant 2nd cousins to the present British Royal family. The Cogan’s cousins the FitzGeralds -modern day descendants, were and are respectively, late U.S. president John FitzGerald Kennedy, Lorna FitzGerald actress who plays ‘Abi Branning in BBC British soap drama ‘Eastenders’ , another actress Tara FitzGerald and Synolda E Le Petit Butler, daughter of James W Fitzgerald Butler, wife of John Winston T Munro Spencer; cousin of World War Two Admiral Winston Churchill. Back to Anon de Cogan – his 3 times grandson John Cogan’s daughter Juliana Cogan marries Maurice FitzGerald as Maurice is a descendant of Nest Rhys and Gerald FitzWalter. Maurice and Juliana’s daughter Juliana FitzMaurice marries Thomas de Clare of the ‘de Clare Dynasty’ whose daughter Margaret de Clare and husband Bartholomew de Badlesmere have a daughter; Margery de Badlesmere who marries William IV de Ros 1288-1342/3AD. William’s sister Agnes de Ros is the ancestor of 15th U.S. president George Washington.

My 6th times grandfather  was Thomas Coggan from Epworth, Lincolnshire, England born 1715 and his son also called Thomas born 1752. With some help i found that Thomas of 1715  and 1752 after researching my 5 times grandfather Thomas Coggan’s surname back in 2008. This Thomas born 1785/86 and wife Ann Oliver 1791 had a son called John 1835 and his wife Caroline Benson 1839 had four children – Selina  Benson 1857,  Mary Coggan 1859, Arthur Coggan  1860’s, and my 2nd times grandmother Elizabeth  Coggan1874 in Sheffield; South Yorkshire – England. Elizabeth and  husband William Henry  Chambers have a daughter, Mabel Chambers 1901-69. Mabel and husband Richard Bell born 1902-1970 have several children including my grandfather Walter Bell. Walter 1925 to 2010 and wife Audrey Drinkall born 1925  have a son Walter, my father born 1945. Walter from  Windhill, Shipley, West Yorkshire, England and my mum Pauline Drury  born 1943 from Pudsey Leeds have three children – Julia Dawn Bell born 1969, Maria Jane Bell 1971 to 2011; Daniel James Bell 1973. My sister Maria had a son called Kyle David Bell born 1992; and i have a daughter Sarah Elizabeth Craven born 1996. My dad’s brother Terence and wife Marilyn have two children; my cousins – Heather and James. Heather as far as i know has two children.

See my other Blog – ‘Conqueror 156 – Descendants Of William The Conqueror’  – this is the Chart Of British actor Tom Hiddleston’s  grt uncle Ralph Bruce Verney

A  distant cousin of the Fitzgerald family, the Right Honorable James Fitzgerald marries Catherine Vesey; the daughter of the Reverand Henry Vesey. Vesey is one of  nine variations of ‘Vassey’ which is a village or town in Normandy; northern France brought over by the Normans in 1066AD.  Another branch of the Vassey name is Vestey. There was a Sir Edmund  Vestey whose family started the Meat Produce company and the Blue Star Shipping Lane transporting meat from and to Argentina in the 1900’s. Sir Edmund Vestey’s great grandson is  Tom Hiddleston who plays the character ‘Loki’ in the Thor and Avenger films. For list of Cogan generations ‘Windows into our past Volume 3 by Judy Parsons’ , also ‘Cogan – lords of the moiety of the kingdom of Cork’, Sir Robert de Ros lord of Holderness – Washington’ for U.S. president George Washington, ‘Lewis Geneaology ‘ for Lewis-Washington -Marshall by John Marshall, ‘The Washington Family Descendants – Descendant Reports – Mark Stickels’, ‘de Ros  Baron (E. 1299) Cracrofts Peerage’, ‘Geneaology and Family History Ancestor of William Ros IV – ancestor of   Wallace J Jenkins’ and finally Rickster’s  Geneaology ‘ –  Rick Stirling from Anon de Cogan to Stirling.